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ABS has enjoyed a rewarding relationship with Circle A Ranch and the Angus Sire Alliance since 1996 as the exclusive marketing agent for the winning profitability bulls. We’ve appreciated the Angus Sire Alliance’s progeny test program as the most thorough in the industry and applauded their early work with economically driven selection indexes expressed through the Sire Alliance Profitability Value.

The program has identified several proven and popular multi-trait performers including TRAVELER 234D - the breed’s # 2 REA and # 3 %RP bull, NEW DESIGN 9150 - a top 1% bull for BW EPD and the breed’s all time # 1 bull for Marbling, and NEW LEVEL - a curve bender, carcass and efficiency standout.

Starting in 2003, ABS and Circle A Ranch have expanded our partnership whereby the Angus Sire Alliance will progeny test the majority of ABS’ young Angus Sires. This new agreement was driven by our respect for the comprehensive nature of the Sire Alliance program and the benefits that it will bring our customers.


Benefits to Producers

  • Comprehensive Progeny Test in a Commercial Environment

    Progeny performance is measured in ěreal worldî commercial conditions. Testing is done on the 6,000 head Circle A Ranch commercial cowherd in four locations in Missouri and Iowa. Steers are then finished in a commercial feed yard in Nebraska. Data is gathered in large non-pampered contemporary groups from birth to harvest and on female progeny retained in the herd.

  • Profitability Indexes

    The Angus Sire Alliance pioneered the use of true selection indexes in the U.S Beef Industry. The Profitability Values reflect the estimated differences on a per calf basis in a retained ownership situation. While the current index does not include maternal traits it does reflect calf performance from birth to harvest.

  • Documented Feed Efficiency Data

    Feed efficiency is a unique component of the Profitability Index. Progeny testing includes measuring feed intake on representative sire groups to predict sires actual genetic merit for feed efficiency. The inclusion of this data not only gives a much truer estimation of feedlot performance value and overall profitability versus using just industry averages but also allows for the identification of true efficiency outliers which are not possible through current efficiency models.

  • Additional Traits

    In the future this testing program will also allow for the identification of new and unique traits related to both end product and maternal production traits.

 Feed ProfitabilityEfficiency
Angus Sire AllianceIndexRank
Circle A 216 LTD 6563 $47.89top 1%
B/R NEW DESIGN 323-9150$46.96top 10%
GDAR SVF TRAVELER 234D $44.92 top 2%
Byergo FULL CUT $43.16 top 4%
Ironwood NEW LEVEL$42.89 top 2%
Circle A 216 LTD 6517$41.94 top 10%
GENERATION BAND 505 $41.09  
CIRCLE A 6807 5011 $38.93  
J L B EXACTO 416 $35.84 top 4%
S S TRAVELER T510 8T4 $34.02  
TLAR LONG CUT 47 $33.68 top 1%
Kapp DESIGNER $30.22  
Plattemere DATABASE $25.58 top 10%

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